A new simple design of nuclear plant may solve all problems, disturbs of tsunamis on coast, and earthquakes everywhere…!

That design need to put the plant on concrete circular barge floating in swimming-pools mother ships (if the « down swimming-pool » is destroyed, leak by a big one earthquake, the up second one keep the circular nuclear barge floating). The reactor enough at low level the bottom of river To get complete security to fresh the nuclear tank, this barge have the nuclear iron tank down, in center under the barge, plunge in the up one swimming-pool.

RIVER NEARBY AND UPSTREAM LANDSCAPES The river refreshing the reactor must have it low summer level enough…, and at the same level that the up second full swimming-pool, and big manuals assistance doors like sluice-gates of channels may give water to refresh reactor and to keep the swimming-pools full. To insure the flow of the river during summer, my solution of  landscapes with embankments  upstream on all plains and mountains mus be managed…: to change local climate and avoid floods or drought (existing in lot of desert regions who need reactors and electric energy).


1- Design : the same barges will be used in sea, in ocean, far from the coasts to avoid tsunamis, with a floating concrete  cross-piece barrier  free and chained around the circular barge of nuclear plant (to absorb  enormous waves). Therefore, the nuclear iron cell, tank should be down, in the sea, covered by a concrete strong cell, as on earth, to stabilize the circular barge. So, to economise the conception the same design may be choice in twice cases.

2 – Advantages :

2.1 – the floating nuclear plant will largely distribute electricity to the coast demands by electricity submarine cables  quitting vertically the barge, in radiating way toward the coast. That allowing avoided high voltage current lines on earth…, so refused and making anxious lot of populations ;

2.2 – The floating barge of nuclear plant should have equipment of rotates turbines under the barge, to fixe the barge in place face to the sea under-currents. And many of them may give electric current to resist against traction of electric cables going curved down to the coast !

2.3 – In oceans, with strong sea under-currents, in not so deep sea situations, strength win cables must rely floating barge to the plate continental soil, giving thin and soft adjustment (and energy) by  air-compressed tank or hydro power-turbines ;

2.4 – in case of number one damage of the nuclear plant, on the reactor (each barge will have only one reactor), this one may be moved, disjoined of the plant and deposed in the abysses, at a special place were it will be recovered by earth plaques movements. The wastes too, under the govern of UNO.
But, with the present nuclear know-how, civil and military, it possible to build large floating or sub-marine barges in case of wars), with spherical iron nuclear earth, full of hot nuclear wastes which may be let go down to the bottom of sea, and enough hot with the wastes to pierce the earth down to the magma (technic recently faced).

The good solutions are now clear, and we can change, before discovering stabilizing cold fusion !

Jacques Tesseire (old designer of cement plants, finishing his job in diffusion of know-how at Lafarge Center Corps)




About TerreVivantepourToujours / EarthAliveforEver

1945 - né à Paris (très malheureux de ne pas assez bouger et d'être loin de La Nature...) ; - sortie de corps vers 5 ans (revenu guéri par compassion pour moi-même...) ; -guérison intentionnelle "miraculeuse" d'une paralysie vers 15 ans (chute sur le dos) ; - illumination intérieure en 1987 (voulant plus de vérités larges, évolutives suite à stress énorme...), baignée de sagesse immense doublée de guérison ; - autre guérison magnétique intestinale en 2003 (sous canicule en France), voulant redresser de l'humus en forêt avec amour pour se rafraîchir et s'apaiser, les mains plongées dans la terre, puis reportées avec succès aux intestins, enfin CALME... - deux lévitations courtes (dont une demandée comme preuve, en retraite en Corrèze, avec une vison de visages de christ sages superposés sur une icone dans la chapelle, me prouvant que la finalité était d'être tous SAGES et PAISIBLES, confiants en nos dires anticipés littéraux sur nos vies actuelles). Cimentier un temps dans les excès de poussière brûlante... - Baroudeur des climats extrêmes et inventeur malgré lui de solutions climatiques et paysagistes durables, qui tiennent la route (dont par une expérience paysagiste de 25 ans de 74 à 99 ) - coopération technique au Maroc, puis chantier de cimenterie ; - design cimentier (au lieu d'avoir refait des cimes entières) ; - know-how scientifique et technique / informatique de process ; - channeling intérieur pour soi à partir de 89, avec guidance découverte fine et précise depuis ! E-mail pour échanges innovants éventuels (anglais et autres >>>Google translate) : ribu.ribu@free.fr
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